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When you have paid for the insurance premiums for years, you want your insurance company to fulfill their part of the contract you signed. Many of our clients have been subjected to unfair claims practices by their insurers and have been denied coverage under a binding policy of insurance. When this happens you need a dedicated Columbia bad faith attorney to hold your insurer accountable and recover what you need.

McLeod Law Group, LLC is proud to represent individuals and businesses in disputes with insurance companies stemming from a claim against a policy for property, medical, accidental, title, health or life insurance benefits.

What are considered improper practices by insurance companies?

South Carolina regulations and court rulings offer relief for those who have experienced unfair or deceptive acts by their insurance company and their claims adjusters or agents. Insurance companies are obligated to adjust claims in good faith and must properly pay, investigate, or negotiate claims pursuant to a binding policy of insurance.

State law provides that the following acts could constitute improper claim practices:

  • Intentionally misrepresenting to policy holders or third-party claimants relevant facts or policy provisions related to coverages at issue or providing deceptive or misleading information with respect to coverages.
  • Failing to acknowledge with reasonable promptness, pertinent communications with respect to claims coming about under its policies
  • Failing to adopt and implement reasonable standards for the prompt investigation and settlement of claims
  • Not attempting in good faith to effect prompt, fair, and equitable settlement of claims,
  • Forcing policyholders or claimants, including third-party claimants under liability policies, to institute suits to obtain amounts reasonably due or payable with respect to claims arising under its policies by offering considerably less than the amounts ultimately recovered through suits brought by the claimants or through settlements with their attorneys employed as the result of the inability of the claimants to secure reasonable settlements with the insurers.
  • Offering to settle claims, including third-party liability claims, for an amount less than the amount otherwise reasonably due or payable based upon the possibility or probability that the policyholder or claimant would be required to incur attorneys' fees to recover the mount reasonably due or payable.

On top of recovering damages for the original claim, you could also be awarded punitive damages and attorneys' fees if you are forced to bring suit against the insurer for a claim that they did not adjust in good faith.

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