Columbia Veterans’ Disability Attorney

Don’t Be Denied the Benefits of Your Service

Veteran service men and women who are injured in the course of their duties may be eligible for disability compensation and disability benefits. There can be serious obstacles in your path to receiving benefits, however, and you need a skilled Columbia veterans disability attorney to protect your rights.

Attorney McLeod’s experience of serving in the U.S. Navy brings many benefits to the veterans disability claims process. Attorney McLeod has been an accredited attorney with the Department of Veterans Affairs since 2012. He has represented veterans in appeals before the VA Regional Office (VARO), Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA), and the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC).

We possess a thorough understanding of the laws, and we can:

  • Secure necessary medical testimony and evidence
  • Correspond with necessary offices and individuals on your behalf
  • Accurately and completely document vital claim information
  • Adhere to necessary administrative procedures

A recent legal amendment allows veterans to retain legal counsel earlier than previously allowed. Securing a seasoned attorney can help you spped up the claims process.

Exceptional Representation from Personal Experience

Tad McLeod is a veteran who served in the U.S. Navy from 2001 to 2005 and can appreciate the sacrifices made by all military families. Veterans and their families have made great sacrifices to our nation. Many of them are injured physically and mentally as a result of their honorable service. Veterans quickly discover the legal complexities of the veterans’ disability claims process. The laws that govern benefit compensation can be difficult to understand. The lengthy administrative process is confusing and bureaucratic.

McLeod Law Group, LLC considers it an honor to help defend veterans' rights and treats veterans with the highest respect. Attorney McLeod welcomes the chacne to provide legal counsel to veterans trying to navigate the complicated process of collecting disability claims and will devote ourselves to helping you attain the benefits to which you are entitled.

How can I qualify for veteran compensation and pensions?

You will need to be able to prove you were injured during military service to be eligible for compensation and pensions. The two are different, each with specific eligibility requirements. A Columbia veterans’ disability attorney experienced in veterans' disability matters can help you through the process.

A successful disability compensation claim must prove three things:

  • Current diagnosed disability
  • Evidence of disease, injury, or debilitating event occurred while serving in the military
  • Proof that the disease, injury, debilitating event caused current disability

To qualify for a pension, veterans must prove three things:

  • Total and permanent disability
  • Military service during a time of war
  • Income below specified limits

Veterans often learn that it can be difficult to establish the correlation between current disability and the damages incurred during military service. McLeod Law Group, LLC will help you secure the resources necessary to prove that connection.

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