Types of Car Accident Injuries

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Soft Tissue Damage
Bruising, sprains, strains, ligament damage and whiplash are all very painful, and can take months of treatment to resolve. If you have suffered soft tissue injuries in a car accident, you may be unable to work, in constant pain, and in need of ongoing treatment to resolve your situation.

When a vehicle is impacted, even at slow speeds, whiplash is a common injury, and incredibly painful. It can be impossible to work, and it may require many months of rehabilitation to get back to a condition in which you can function normally.

Broken Bones
A bone fracture is a major injury, and depending upon the type of fracture, can be very difficult to treat. Simple fractures, compound fractures, greenstick fractures, buckle fractures and comminuted fractures (in which the bone is broken into several pieces) are all serious injuries that will take many months to heal. Surgery is often required, leading to permanent scarring and diminished ability, as well as a long period of rehabilitation.

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