Types of Car Accidents

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When you drive or ride in a car, you place your life in the hands of many other individuals. There are a number of situations that can lead to serious injuries, especially in a catastrophic accident. There are many people on the road who do not take driver safety seriously. Typically, there are millions of car accidents each year as a result of disregard for the law. Just as there are many reasons for getting in an accident, there are many types of accidents that can occur. Road traffic collisions can consist of one or more of the following types of accidents.

Four Main Categories

There are four main categories of car collisions. A personal injury lawyer from our firm can help you through any of the following accidents:

Rear-end accidents
When one car hits another from behind, this is considered a rear-end collision. Some situations are caused by the driver in front making a sudden decision or by the following driver not braking properly. These situations do not often result insignificant damage, but can be very dangerous.

Head-on accidents
When two or more cars crash into the front of one another, this is called a head-on collision. By nature, these are often extremely dangerous incidents. Another possibility for a head-on crash is if one car collides into a stationary object, such as a tree.

Side collisions
Side impact collisions take place when one vehicle hits the side of another car. This can take place by "T-boning" one car or by the two cars colliding at an angle. These accidents can be caused by a driver making a sharp turn or another reckless act.

Rollover accidents
A rollover accident is when a car flips over or rolls onto its side. These accidents can result from other types of collisions. When a driver makes a sharp turn at a high speed, the car can flip.

Personal Injury Representation in SC

At McLeod Law Group, LLC, our Charleston car accident lawyers are experienced with these and other kinds of car accidents, such as drunk driving. If you need assistance with your personal injury claim from a car accident, contact a lawyer from our firm at your earliest convenience. We can discuss with you the details of your case and ensure that your rights are protected!