Amputation & Loss of Limb

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An amputation or loss of limb are some of the most serious catastrophic injuries that can take place. It is difficult to learn to perform your job and daily life functions without a limb that you have become accustomed to using prior to the accident. Injuries resulting in amputation or loss of limb can force you to change your whole way of life. It takes a strong and experienced personal injury lawyer to handle difficult cases of this sort. We can help you receive compensation from the individual or company that caused the accident that wounded you.

Common Causes of Amputation

Amputations are circumstances that many individuals would never even dream of having to undergo. Loss of limb often occurs during the operation of machines that have been neglected and not given proper maintenance. Many workplace accidents can cause a loss of a limb if machinery is left unattended. Common equipment that can cause these injuries include power presses, power press brakes, conveyors, printing presses, food slicers, meat grinders, saws, drills, milling machines, grinders, and shears. Even seemingly safe equipment can cause traumatic injury if not given proper maintenance.

The Charleston personal injury attorneys at McLeod Law Group, LLC, have worked hard to help individuals and families obtain the compensation they deserve. There is no need to wait to investigate and explore your options. When it comes to obtaining compensation and legal assistance for your amputation or loss of limb, it is important to get this help as soon as possible.

It is our firm's desire to help you understand your rights and obtain all necessary compensation. Every case is unique and different and, therefore, we can help you understand what rights are available to you. Your situation will have long-term consequences, which is why it is advisable to obtain support right away from a lawyer who can help you in legal matters.

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