Crushing Injuries

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When a body party is impacted with a great force, a crushing injury can occur. This usually results from being smashed between two heavy objects. This kind of injury is most common in a workplace setting, especially in jobs that require use of the entire body. The damage can be immense and can cause serious trauma to the individual. Bones, nerves, and blood vessels can all be significantly damaged. Psychological trauma could also result from the accident. When there is bruising or bone fractures from the job site accident, a personal injury attorney should be contacted at once.

In severe cases of crushing, a loss of sensation in that part of the body could result. If severe nerve damage has been caused by being crushed, cell death can result and amputation may be imminent. These are situations that occur to a small number of individuals, but when they do, they can change that individual's life forever. For that reason, it is important to obtain as much compensation as possible.

Causes of Job Site Injuries

There are many different circumstances that can lead to a person being crushed. Most of those situations are caused by workplace accidents and could have been prevented with proper attention to the situation at hand. Industries that involve direct contact with heavy machinery, especially those with moving parts, can cause serious injury to workers. It is the employer's responsibility to make sure that the equipment is in proper working condition. Workers should feel safe and secure in their workplace, however, negligence still occurs.

Another problem is that workers are often improperly trained. Employers may not spend the time, effort, or money to properly train employees, resulting in negligence. At McLeod Law Group, LLC, our Charleston injury lawyer can make sure that you are justly compensated for your crushing injury.

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