Types of Head Injuries

Brain Injury Attorney in Charleston

Head injuries are commonly devastating and life-altering. These injuries are most dangerous because they often cause damage to the brain, a vital part of the body. The negligence of another individual, such as in a car or truck accident, is usually the primary cause of a head injury. This kind of injury can be attributed to a number of different accidents that can lead to a personal injury lawsuit. Any injury can affect the brain in many ways.

Listed below are a few types of head injury:

Open Head Wound
A very severe form of damage to the brain is an open head injury. This occurs when an object drives through the head to the skull. This incident can cause severe and ongoing pain for the victim. If bleeding or infection occurs, serious medical and legal assistance may be required.

Closed Head Injury
A closed wound is an injury that does not actually pierce the skull. A blunt force trauma is one cause of this kind of injury. It can lead to severe bruising of the brain.

Traumatic Brain Injury
Trauma to the brain can occur from many different accidents. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can lead to dizziness, lethargy, and even a vegetative state.

Pursuing Justice for Head Injuries

Head injuries are not injuries that can often be seen because they are typically internal. This kind of injury, however, can diminish the quality of one's life. Serious medical attention may be required, which can lead to a significant amount of bills that will have to be paid. At McLeod Law Group, LLC, Our Charleston personal injury lawyers are passionate about getting the injured client the compensation that he or she deserves.