Loss of Vision

Trusted Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Charleston, SC

Loss of eyesight can be the most frustrating and painful catastrophic injury. Unfortunately, it is quite a common workplace injury, especially in a construction work zone. These situations should be adequately prevented by the employer to ensure that the employees do not have to risk losing their eyesight. Proper protective eyewear and safety precautions should be taken by both employer and worker. The negligence of a co-worker or workplace employer can cause a tragedy that leads to this type of injury. It is an unfortunate circumstance, but with the help of a lawyer from our firm, you should receive significant compensation for your injury.

Causes of Eye Injuries

A blunt force trauma that causes an eye injury can result from any number of incidents. It can occur from a fall or from being knocked into a hard surface. The trauma of this intense force can require extensive surgery to regain the victim's sight. Small particles of wood, metal, or cement can also lead to an eye injury that causes vision loss. At a construction site, protective goggles should be worn at any moment that a hazard is present.

Preventive Tips

One of the most important protective measures that should be taken by an employer is to properly train employees. They should be able to comprehensively respond to dangers and know how to stay far away. When using chemicals, the employees should understand how to effectively use these substances to avoid direct contact with any portion of the body. Each employee should be provided with and required to wear protective eyewear on a daily basis. Another preventive measure that should be taken by the employer is to place signs in hazardous zones.

Even when the proper steps are taken to avoid these unfortunate circumstances, they can still take place and change an individual's life forever. Not only should medical bills and inconveniences be compensated, but emotional and mental trauma should also be factored into a claim for damages.

A Charleston personal injury attorney from our firm can make sure that you are properly cared for if you have experienced vision loss or an injury of that kind.