Orthopedic Injuries

Have you sustained a skeletal injury?

Our human bodies are very fragile machines that require a significant amount of protection. When an accident occurs that places your body at risk, severe damage could be done to your bone structure. With the wrong placement or pressure done to your body, a catastrophic injury could result and cause a significant amount of damage and pain. An orthopedic injury can include fractures, strained muscles, torn ligaments, broken bones, and many other wounds that affect the skeletal system.

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Causes of Orthopedic Injuries

There are many different accidents that can cause an orthopedic injury. If your injury has resulted from the negligence of another individual, it is important to get legal assistance from a Charleston injury lawyer who fully understands the laws concerning orthopedic injuries. Choosing a powerful and aggressive lawyer is just as important as choosing an expert medical care provider.

When your well-being and lifestyle are at stake, you can get help from an attorney from our firm. Sporting accidents caused by the negligence of another player or coach can lead to a serious orthopedic injury. Other skeletal problems, such as fractured skulls, hip pain, knee injury, and shoulder problems can be caused by a workplace accident or negligence.

Skeletal Injuries: Common Treatments

There are many ways to treat broken bones and other orthopedic injuries, most of which are not painless. Ibuprofen is typically recommended, and stronger medications can often be administered. One of the most common treatments is immobilization and pain management. In many situations, surgery is a necessary procedure. Whether the injury was caused by a car accident or workplace incident, our firm can help you obtain compensation. You can recover money for medical expenses, pain, and lost wages.

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