Chemical Spills Lawyer

Legal Counsel from a Charleston Personal Injury Attorney

Injuries from chemical spills are often not immediately noticed or felt by victims, or if they are felt, the victims or their physicians might attribute the condition to some common cause such as a flu or other malady. Many times chemical spill cases prove to be complex and challenging legally in terms of proving causation for the serious injuries and sometimes wrongful death resulting from these spills.

A victim or victims of such a spill would need a Charleston personal injury lawyer for very experienced counsel specifically in defending victims of chemical spills, and accurately discerning the various negligent parties that may be involved in such a case. Chemical spills require fast-acting investigation by a legal team, including assessing wind directions at the time of the spill, weather conditions and the various ways in which a company might try to cover up their responsibility for a spill.

If you suspect that you or a loved one has been injured by a chemical spill, we recommend you call our law office to evaluate your case.

Trusted Legal Representation For Chemical Spill Victims

At McLeod Law Group, LLC, we have extensive experience fighting on behalf of victims of chemical spills. The responsible parties in these cases at times employ devious means of hiding their negligent acts, and we have the substantial understanding of legal angles in these types of cases to uncover the truth, and help you to successfully fight and win your case.

Having tried or settled over 150 million dollars in combined settlements and verdicts, Mullins McLeod along with our team is well-versed in taking on and bringing justice to often large corporations, and we will help you to formulate your best legal strategy in seeking the compensation you most deserve.

Contact our Charleston injury lawyer if you suspect a chemical spill has caused injuries to you or a loved one and you need effective legal solutions.