Charleston Civil Rights Lawyer

Passionate Advocates of Civil Rights in SC

When it comes to experiencing a personal injury, it is important to comprehensively understand your civil rights. For those cases in which your civil rights are in question, it is important to involve a lawyer who has experience and has proven himself or herself as a lawyer worth trusting.

McLeod Law Group, LLC's founding member, Mullins McLeod, has built a reputation by winning $150 million in verdicts and settlements during nearly 20 years of experience. Our firm's skills can be used to help you through your personal injury, medical malpractice, and other cases involving civil rights.

Know Your Rights

The most important part of working through this situation is to understand your rights. It is beyond valuable to make sure that your rights are given priority and understood by those who are seeking to protect you. Our firm takes on cases with damages, small to large, and we fight to bring justice to your case. We believe that it is important to fight civil rights cases to not only defend our clients, but to also defend and uphold the Constitution. Our experience in the field of civil rights has helped us protect individuals involved in car accidents and catastrophic accidents.

The protection of civil rights is an important part of the community's focus in Charleston, South Carolina. It has therefore become a focus of our firm because we share the burden of the community. There does not seem to be greater justice than securing the dignity of another human being and holding those accountable for their misbehavior and disregard for another's rights. In the same way that the community of Charleston does, we take violations of civil rights very seriously. We believe that anyone who disregards the rights of another has violated a sacred commitment to humanity.

Contact a Charleston personal injury lawyer from our firm who can ensure that your civil rights are protected.