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Spinal Cord Injury Claims

The spinal cord is a very vulnerable area of the anatomy and injuries to the spinal cord can lead to numerous complications included paralysis or respiratory issues. When a person suffers an injury to the spinal cord for any reason, they may be able to file a claim for compensation if the accident was caused by another person’s negligence. A catastrophic injury attorney from our firm can provide assistance and file a claim and argue for the maximum amount of compensation possible.

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Types of Injuries

Spinal cord injury (SCI) can occur when the cells in the spinal cord are damaged or the nerve tracts that relay signals are severed. The following are the various forms of spinal cord injury that one can suffer:

  • Bruising of the spinal cord
  • Compression (pressure on the spinal cord)
  • Laceration or tearing of the nerve fibers
  • Central cord syndrome damage to corticospinal tracts of the cervical region

The consequences of SCI can be extremely severe, and can include the following:

  • Loss of sensation
  • Loss of reflex function below the point of injury
  • Pain and sensitivity to stimuli
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Muscle spasms
  • Paralysis

The loss of reflex can affect one's ability to breathe naturally or control the bowels and bladder. Other health issues that can also result from spinal cord injuries are bed sores, lung infections, and bladder infections.

At McLeod Law Group, LLC our Charleston personal injury lawyers understand how traumatic it can be to suddenly succumb to the debilitating consequences of spinal cord injuries. We offer complete legal support and guidance. We will fight for your rights.

Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in Charleston

Injuries can occur in various circumstances. Vehicle accidents and crashes are the number one reason for spinal cord injury for individuals under the age of 65. Falls are the most common cause for SCI for individuals over the age of 65.

Other types of accidents include the following:

A spinal cord injury can be life-altering. That is why you need a team of skilled attorneys who will work tirelessly to obtain significant compensation for you and your family.

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Spinal cord injury claims can be complex, meaning you need a seasoned Charleston injury lawyer to handle your case to have the best chance at recovering the maximum compensation available. Our firm can fight hard for damages by negotiating with the other side before litigation is necessary to obtain compensation quickly but if the other side doesn’t offer satisfactory compensation, you want an attorney who isn’t afraid to take them to trial.

Contact a Charleston spinal cord injury attorney if you were involved in an accident that resulted in spinal cord injuries.