Work Related Injuries

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As the economy became more reliant on industry rather than agriculture, workers' compensation laws developed as a means of providing a satisfactory method of handling occupational disabilities. Before these laws were enacted disabled workers had to sue their employers for damages and this was typically a slow, drawn out and unpredictable legal process.

As the machine era expanded, industrial accidents and personal injury suits increased accordingly. In 1911, workers' compensation laws were established and have continued to evolve ever since. Today, the workers' compensation system is a no-fault system that assumes the costs of occupational disabilities while relieving employers of liability from civil lawsuits.

Workers can sustain virtually any type of injury, regardless of the industry they work in. Whether an employee works in forestry, fishing, mining, construction, manufacturing, transportation, retail, finance, nursing, insurance, real estate, or the service industry, work-related injuries are common and sometimes unavoidable.

Some of the common circumstances of work-related injuries include:

  • Employee injured by a moving machine part
  • Contact with energized electric parts
  • Burners, hot liquids, or another hazardous material
  • Injured by a falling object
  • Co-worker accidentally turned equipment on
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Workplace violence

Work-related injuries frequently include head injuries, electrocution, spinal cord injuries, and burns, amputations (manufacturing and agriculture), back and neck injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, respiratory problems, broken bones and more.

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